Akshara Independence

What it took for 75 years of Independence

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75th Independence of India

We celebrating Independence day today

Have we ever wondered how PAN India movies, sports, soap operas, reality shows…etc, take a mammoth leap to unstoppable entertainment, tweets, likes, and a huge following on social media within overnight stardom or popularity?

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Independence

The merriment in their victory as a buster of hyper stardom or the criticism with a funny cluster of trolls and memes on flops (failures) determines that heroism, fandom, divas’ devotion…etc is all just a bubble reputation.


But the REAL HEROES of our times, be it in the past, the present, or the future- is the simple, rustic, non-glamorous yet fiery, brave, and true warriors of the motherland who fought for our freedom.

The warriors knew nothing or less about computers, little about technology, and least about the digital world but they were the warriors who mastered personality development, exercised effective and transparent communication skills, sharpened their social life, and conquered their individual self and freedom for the nation.


The freedom that we enjoy today in our independent life from birth to death, dawn to dusk, minute to minute, and breath to breath, is the sacrifice of the real heroes shedding their blood, life, liberty, and every free choice.

We are so prone to influence by the factors that we are swayed away by the tunes of fashionable dressing, trendy expressions, metro lifestyle, brand beliefs, social network following, instant food, instant results…etc. The phones we use, the technology we depend upon, the medium of language we understand across the globe, everything that is part of us is part of the world afar.

Today, we are Indians with global citizenship. But the quint essence of our identity is that we are Indians. The Indians, have a rich cultural heritage and are icons of the world. The icons of philosophical thought will power, diligence, earnest lifestyle, simplicity, and spirituality. We have a lot to learn from the past, a lot to do in the present, and a lot to dream about for the future of this global citizenship.


We are proud to be Indians with a cultural heritage of centuries, traditional beliefs and customs, and a treatise of the Indian freedom struggle.

This season of celebrating AAZAD KI AMRIT MAHOTSAV infilters in the hearts and minds to be the warriors of the motherland of the future. Education is the ideal medium, median, and mantra to bring about this change and revolutionize the world. In Marvel’s world of fantasy too or the Bahubali blooms of fiction, it is a truth that triumphs and peace that remains.

Modern educational policies are sensitized and motivated to be socially responsible and instrumental in promoting peace, love, and harmony across the globe in the world of reality. They tune to be tech savvy along with being enriched with the Indian value system as seeded in by their alma mater.

The five principal factors of Azad Ki Amrit Mahotsav are verbalized to be one thoughtful saying Actions for freedom lead us toward achievements with every great idea that resolves the mysteries of the tattered past.

Proclaim with one voice and one slogan -Jai Bharath-The Celebration of True Life!

Jai Hind!

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