A Happy & Safe Diwali for All

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What kind of friends do you have back home to celebrate Diwali? The lively ones or the melancholic ones. Whoever they might be…. I’ll talk about my furry friends. Guess whom I’m talking about…it’s none other than one of our pet dogs. Their scientific name is Canis lupus familiar. Their sense of smell is at least 40 times better than that of humans. Some have such good noses that they can sniff out medical problems too! The “smell” centre of a dog’s brain is 40 times larger than ours. They can learn more than thousand words. Some of them are incredible swimmers. Some are fast runners and could even beat a cheetah!


Dogs don’t sweat like we do. They have 18 muscles controlling their ears so they are extremely sensitive to sound and at last but not the least, dogs are almost as intelligent as a 2-year-old child. Being an animal lover and a biology teacher, I just want to share a fact that a dog’s hearing ability is almost 7 times that of a human.

Can you imagine their plight during Diwali when loud fire crackers would go off constantly and without warning! Not surprisingly, this is the time when many pets and even street dogs go missing trying to find a safe place to hide. This sparkling festival of lights and happiness can easily turn to a time of tremendous stress and horror for our most loyal and faithful friends. During Diwali what we perceive to be loud is even louder and unbearable for these pets. They are very sensitive to vibrations caused by loud noises. The fear of loud noises leads to behavioral problems in them. Sudden changes in the surroundings with such loud noise and fireworks push them to a stressed and confused state. The possible signs of stress include whining, fear, loss of appetite and extreme salivation. A festival should be celebrated in such a way that none of the living creature should be harmed, bringing joy and compassion for every living organism. Be kind hearted, playful, compassionate towards them and celebrate the festival of light and life with full enthusiasm.

Make sure Diwali is a happy one for the Pets too!

Written By:
Ms. Pragya
Biology Subject Expert

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