Akshara Educational Policy

Akshara follows the CBSE curriculum for all grades, the curriculum is aligned with the IB methodology in the Preparatory and Foundational stages of schooling. Akshara Education Policy (AEP) is an in-house innovative curricular and pedagogical structure aimed to strike a balance between academic excellence of the mind, social skills of the heart, Physical development of the body, and spiritual development of the soul. AEP is inspired by the core values of National Educational Policy 2020. Akshara infuses traditional ethos in a progressive approach to equip our students with academic, social, and emotional well-being. Akshara aims to help students acquire competencies that unleash their intellect, equip them with the best attributes, and enable them to learn and grow intensively, we believe in building a strong foundation of learning, creativity, and innovation. The world demands conscientious and conciliatory citizens who can steer us through a more prosperous future. At Akshara, we mold students whose inherent humanity makes them bright beacons wherever they go!

Akshara Group  of International Schools