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Foundational Stage

At Akshara, we believe in following a curriculum structure that aligns with the objective of the National Education Policy. The National Education Policy 2020 vision is to transform the educational system in order to contribute to an egalitarian and thriving knowledge society by offering high-quality education to all. To guarantee the overall development of all children ages 3-6, preschool education envisions providing universal, egalitarian, enjoyable, inclusive, and context-specific learning experiences.

Akshara International School Foundation Stage
Akshara International School Preparatory Stage


The Akshara Education Policy’s Preparatory Stage will cover school education from classes 3-5, with an emphasis on experimental learning. It will target children aged 8 to 11. The emphasis would move to play, discovery, activity-based learning, and engagement in the classroom.


Three years of education constitute the Middle Stage. It builds on the Preparatory Stage’s pedagogical and curricular style. This level involves the introduction and discussion of abstract topics. It aids in the preparation of students from diverse fields. Experiential learning is investigated in respect to several subjects.

Akshara International School Middle Stage


The Secondary Stage will be four years of multidisciplinary study, building on the Middle Stage’s subject-oriented pedagogical and curricular style, but with greater depth, critical thinking, attention to life objectives, and greater flexibility and student choice of courses.