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An Amazing way to become the best speaker

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In the 21st century and going forward, if there’s anything which will put you in good stead over others then it’s your Art of Speaking. Speaking is a skill, something like swimming and driving for two reasons. One is that once learnt, it would stay with you for life. The second reason is that the more you do it, the better you get at it.

To embark on the journey of your speaking mastery, let us first look at what’s on your palette as a speaker. Your voice, the style of your communication and your ideas. These are the things which you can control which means that you can be well-prepared for these aspects of your discourse. Apart from this, one overrated thing which troubles every speaker today is the fear to face the audience popularly termed as ‘stage fear.’

The strategy here is to put your worrisomeness to rest and make confidence your ally. Remember, there are only two kinds of speakers – The Nervous and The Liars. Every speaker is nervous before they begin but they back themselves by telling a lie . The lie is that they can do it just like a new facilitator entering his first class. Lie to yourself so that you can ace that speech and soon see those lies turn into reality.


There are three speaking strategies to become a great speaker:

  1. Win your audience
  2. Paint your Speech
  3. Humour

Even though good speakers are confident from within at the beginning but it’s the audience from whom they derive the confidence to go on. There’s a catch here that one should carefully understand – you cannot win your audience without speaking confidently.

Maintaining an even pace while speaking is the key to the success of renowned speakers. Right pace is what you and your speakers are comfortable with. Speaking with proper enunciation and pronunciation is a better way to draw your audience. The last and most important thing is to customise the discourse according to your audience so that it is digestible for them.

Painting a speech effectively happens through the usage of iconic imagery. Narratives are most successful for their ease of imagination. The human brain takes in anything easy to imagine without much friction. Make the five senses your tools to paint a perfect picture.

Humour is a skill that can leave no stone unturned especially when one is a speaker. The skill of humour is a choice which one should implement with ease and that ease comes with practice. The only person in the public on whom you can crack any kind of joke and get away without offence is yourself. So, laugh at yourself and tell some self-deprecating funny stories about yourself. This also lowers the walls between the audience and yourself. Use Humour as an effective tool to better present your ideas and a healthy joke reduces tension in the hall and the ambience becomes conducive for you to give and for the audience to receive.

Hope this helps, don’t forget to lie to yourself that you’re a great speaker before you begin!

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