Akshara International School Beyond Academics


Akshara International School is bringing out ‘AKSHARA TIMES’ the school newsletter for the academic year 2022-23. This endeavour is to provide students with creative skills through writing and reporting to develop their overall personality and also capture all the happenings and events around them in the school.


To spark and celebrate the ideas of every student

  • A program that supports students in discovering, developing and sharing their ideas in the form of TED-style talks.
  • A space for students to explore, think critically about and discuss ideas.
  • A platform that helps students develop presentation literacy skills while connecting them to a global community.


Students work together to discuss and celebrate creative ideas. They use TED-Ed’s flexible public speaking curriculum as a guide and inspires tomorrow’s TED speakers and leaders with their Idea Journals. Through the program, students develop 21st-century skills, deepen their student-student and student-educator relationships, and are better prepared to advocate for the problems of today and the future.

AKSHARA Writers Club

Akshara Writers Club as an extension of Akshara’s Student Apex Tweet (A-SAT) intends to introduce children to the concept of critical thinking while providing them strategies to help them think, read, research, take notes and write critically. Reading critically allows them to analyse topics, relate one piece of research to others in the field and ultimately establish their view on a topic and provide a well-supported argument for this view in their writing.
Teaching to write is just like teaching any other skill; it takes practice, false start, mistakes, collaboration, adjustment, coaching and much more training that finally leads to speed, endurance and agility. We know coaching and competition are good practices for learning; Akshara’s Writer’s Club applies the competition model to the heart of the student’s writing life. The writer’s club is a place to generate ideas, explore thinking and play with language. It is a safe space where writing can be incomplete without the red pen’s judgment. Often when working through an idea or reflecting on their understanding, students need that space to be right or wrong or to write through an idea or reflect on their understanding. The writer’s club makes a positive impact as an integral part of the students writing journey.


  • An Intra Branch Speaking Competition for all the students of Akshara International School from Grade 1 to Grade 10.
    Ø Frequency of the Competition: Every Month.
  • THREE Topics are given every month and the child would be given 6 days to submit his speech on any one of the topics for One Minute.
  • Mode of Submission: Online submission to respective Class Teachers at the branch and online Submission to mail id – justaminute@akshara.edu.in
  • Submitted Videos are first scrutinized at the branch by a ‘Branch-Level Jury’ and the best TEN from EACH GRADE are sent to the Akshara Centre of Excellence (ACE) for selection of prize winners from EACH GRADE by the ‘Akshara Jury.’
  • Three Prizes are awarded from each grade from every branch and the deserving children are gifted with Mementos and Certificates of Achievement. The best entries are also published on the official website – akshara.edu.in


Akshara offers “Extra Edge” which edges every individual student’s persona to channelise the inherent traits towards perfection. It is the fulcrum of the Akshara curriculum to ensure that students acquire skills that contribute to their holistic development and prepare them for life in the real world.

The time allotted for this programme is consistent with NEP policy.

• Program of Visual and Performing Arts
• Clubs and Committees
• Psychological and social well-being

Student health information: A team of eminent doctors enables us to prepare students’ health profiles, which include physical assessments to assess each student’s stamina and potential.

At Akshara, we are committed to rostering excellent communication with parents to provide the best support with ICT-oriented classes.