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Blog, Vlog, Slog – The world is on e-wheels, e-commerce, and e-learning. We do online shopping, online trading, online marketing, and finally online learning. Thanks to the digital revolution in education that has heightened education yet the respect for teachers remains nobler evermore.

Let us give the slogans of succinct love, chants of charming affection, and verses of immense respect that the world has for a teacher around the world.

Do You Know My Teachers?

Yes! A teacher is indeed the first person that I wish to blog on. The very reason that I can think, speak, respond, and by the way, even blog these words, is all because of my teachers.

Today, every challenge reminds us of our teachers who made us stronger, more efficient, and most effective in making us what we are today or what we aspire for tomorrow.  As a child, each of us had a craving to be the best like our teachers. The teacher was GOOGLE, WIKIPEDIA, BRITANNICA, QUORA, and whatnot.

The teacher was a walking dictionary, a living library, a news reporter, a scientist, a poet, a calculator, a computer, a CCTV camera,

Being in this technical era when can I be like this colossal chamber house, my teacher.

Can I ever be?

It’s time we thanked our teachers- Let us think and thank every one of them, for they are our real heroes.

The modern teacher and modern education!

Words would exhaust to tell about the nobility of a teaching profession. It is a profession that shapes every other profession. Reflecting on the classic wise saying ‘A king is respected in his own country but a scholar is respected across the globe.’  I should confess that the 21st-century teachers, and educators, stand up to this elixir as the noblest generation of this digital era who do not have recognition, identity, popularity, and reputation but the trait of ‘nobility’ in their character.

The modern teacher evokes several skills in the 21st Century teaching methods.

The following are the current trends of a modern teacher.

What are Makerspaces in education?

 The educational ‘Makerspace’ is a place where the learner can make things. It is a place where one will learn through hands-on experience with various tools of creativity. It creates space and engages the learning process with variety and inquiry. 

Developing A Growth Mindset

 The children of this era are on a streak of luck to attain a growth mindset. We would wonder about their positivism. It is a mindset that believes – I CAN DO IT and I DO IT. The teacher makes the students see failure as an opportunity to win better next time.

Elements of Data-Driven Instruction

 Data rules the day. We come across data-based companies, jobs, tasks…etc. Today, education embraces data-driven instruction to gauge the students’ mastery of a particular topic or subject. It assists in monitoring their progressive growth. It is a tool to have an authentic reference in terms of data collection, data analysis, and taking necessary plans of action.  

The Future of STEAM Education

Albert Einstein once said that all religions, arts, and science are branches of one tree.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math education is the future of education itself. It is a teaching method to guide the students in the intersection of different streams of education through STEAM education.   

The importance of Scaffolding in Education

The teacher is no longer walking hand-in-hand with the student. The teacher follows an instruction method where he/she offers support and then steps back, allowing students to learn or try on their own. It is like training your child on how to ride a bicycle or swim across a lake. It is something of this sort in education today.

Your Search Ends Here!

Blessed is the one who gets the right place to be as a true teacher where he/she abides by the principles of the profession, instills a passion for education, provides a lasting career for the profession, and leaves memories to be a memoir in life.

I have found mine in life’s journey as a teacher and facilitator.

………….And MY place is………………..you are looking into its face now.

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