Akshara International School Chairman Desk

Dear young minds

Welcome to Akshara International Schools!

With more than a decade’s relentless urge to provide education ushering towards academic excellence blended with multiple intelligences, the Akshara International School has made a lineament to a hallmark of insignia in education.

We have perennially witnessed several phases of educational development, modern implementations, refined policies and shifts in priorities so far.

It has imminently been an integral part of our school to make the students contemplate on futuristic goals and challenges. I had always been astounded to see our Aksharites being blessed with the invincible magnitude of energy, astonishing competencies, spell-bound receptive skills and the art of learning while playing.

Since its inception, Akshara has been endeavouring for the mammoth mission of forming global citizens and champions of education, sport, discipline, and multi-tasking with responsibility and accountability. Before the advent of the technical revolution in education, we have continually been in tune with the advancement.

Akshara has been the epitome of endorsing knowledge in a cognizable manner inspiring young minds to nurture rich Indian culture. The 21st-century competencies of NEP have been carefully formulated into our academic curriculum and other varied facets of education of this era.

Join Akshara where you fulfil your dreams and accomplishments to the apex of your reality.

Warm regards Chairman

Akshara Group  of International Schools