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Every Dad Has His Day!

When I first decided that I would write a blog on Father’s Day, the first thing that hit me was the scariest threat and the biggest weapon of my mum – “Let your father come, I’ll tell him what you have done!!!” A father is an unsung hero, unpraised champion, and an unnoticed asset to the family. His compassionate heart and unheard sacrifices are blanketed under the t shield of discipline and responsibility.

The asceticism which every dad yearns to build in his children is only a virtue of necessity. As I grew up and slowly understood the ways of the world, I realized the importance of the father in the true sense. A dad always bites more than he can chew, even if he has to pay through his nose, setting apart a lion’s share of his income. He is often driven from pillar to post to fend for the family, yet he foots his bills cheerfully.
He means many things to me, a compassionate heart, a warrior’s strength, a glowing smile, a comforting hug, a supporting shoulder, a guiding light, and a guardian angel. English is a mysterious language, it put all these beautiful traits in a simple yet magical three-letter palindrome – DAD.
Life is a challenge; a father is the one who tries to make it a privilege and teaches us to make it worthwhile. Many among you reading this blog today might have never said I love you to their dads. And today, I am just reminding you that it is the best opportunity to do that. To the world, he is a dad but to my family, he is the world.
To all fathers who have been burning the candle at both ends for an innumerable number of years to support their families, Happy Father’s Day!
Akshara fraternity collectively honours and salutes every dad!

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