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Not Just Nawab’s Biryani and Benevolence!!!

Is Hyderabad just popular for the Nawab’s Biryani and benevolence? NO! It’s also famous for the kind of progressive education it provides to its children. Akshara International School is one of the leading brands in South India when it comes to holistic education and global learning. Its plethora of six world-class branches in Hyderabad and Telangana is a testimony to this. But if you’re still perplexed about Why this is the best school that promises to secure a child’s future. Your Google search engine has brought you to the right place!
Akshara is a premiere school honing world-class learners. The intense academic curriculum is built such that it provides the students with wholesome knowledge through experiential learning. The curriculum goes beyond the prescribed CBSE syllabus, where the process is as important as the outcome. The quintessence of education at Akshara lies in its iconic features: A-SAP, A-SEP, A-SAT, SLC, LDP, ETZ and LSP.
This programme aims to raise the standards of the students by addressing their individual needs. A-SAP inspires the students to challenge themselves and extend their boundaries of achievement.
The core objective of the programme is the enhancement of subject knowledge and skills for subsequent upliftment of the learner to meet the scholastic standards of the 21st century.

A-SAT aims to develop essential advanced scholastic aptitude skills to meet the global standards in English. It also facilitates the students to crack the highly challenging entrance tests like SAT, TOEFL, PTE and IELTS. It is a platform for learners to perfect their English in an easy and fun manner. It covers everything from basics for beginners to boardroom-level business English. Through encouragement and engagement, ASAT transforms English from life’s most complicated and anxiety-inducing task to the most rewarding, energizing and worthwhile endeavour.
As the name suggests, these are the conferences led by the students in their entirety. These SLCs help the teachers and parents to get a better picture of each child by sitting down with each student and reviewing their strengths and weaknesses better than the conventional interventions.
Education might start in the classroom but it doesn’t end there. ETZ was initiated with the idea that after-school programs are as important as the study of any curriculum. ETZ provides an array of activities like getting trained in a sport, being part of a club and a multitude of extracurricular activities.
The core objective of LSP is to accompany students with all levels of knowledge and intelligence to develop and sustain them as successful and independent learners. LSP is a referral programme where a reference for this additional support could be made by a facilitator, student or parent.
We are witnessing a paradigm shift in education today. When students feel comfortable in any space, they are more receptive to learning new things. Akshara International school boasts great campuses encompassed with well-equipped Instructional blocks, spacious and well-ventilated classrooms, dedicated studios for Art, Music and Language learning, a learning resource centre for each campus and many such amnesties. The artistically designed lush green open-air sports arena and swimming pools with high-end equipment add aesthetic and productive value to the elegant design and landscaping of Akshara International School which is second to none.
To cut the long story short and put everything in a nutshell, if you’re looking to give your child an axe to grind and a nest to feather then your search ends here for Akshara International is creating a better future for the incredible goodness of humanity.

Aksharites are a reflection of the world we wish to harbour!

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